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Bahai dating single

I can see why he has a certain symbolic appeal in a society that increasingly shouts “men need not apply here.” He also represents the widespread disappointment with the poor job that the remaining men in charge of things have done in recent decades caretaking this polity.

They’ve managed to dodge the repair of every broken institution and duck engagement with any of the really scary problems facing citizens of this republic, from the gross disparities of wealth, to pervasive racketeering in health care and education, to our rotting infrastructure, to the quandaries of race, immigration, climate change — you name it and they have done squat.

The barely suppressed thought behind all this is that … If he didn’t actually rape her, he sure mugged her politically, but an awful lot of voters seemed to think she deserved it, arrogant, clueless, and deeply corrupt as she appeared down the homestretch. Stealing a few thousand votes here and there in deplorable flyover country, while Hillary slaughtered the Golem in the : the cities of the left and right seacoasts.

Now that more than a score of male celebrities have been successfully liquidated, many for “offenses” committed decades ago — and many of them actual former darlings of the Left, sacrificed for — the time is ripe to go in for the kill on Trump using the same tactic of sheer finger-pointing and shrieking until… I’m not a Trump admirer, didn’t vote for the guy (nor Hillary, either), am not invested emotionally in his political survival, but I do have a pretty firm idea of what he represents: primitive maleness in all its lumbering vulgarity.

What you have said about the tower of babel in Genesis is absolutely true. Sherman, I have no problem with your beliefs however God is near us all the time.This is why as studies had shown that the core of our galaxy is covered by interstellar dust to protect the outside world from the radiation that will come out from the core. The wholesale un-personing of “powerful men” in the arts, media, and politics for sex “crimes” ranging from rape to stealing a kiss communicates a hunt up the food-chain that leads to the Golden Golem of Greatness tweeting his wicked id out in his White House lair. The Blue women of the land must surely think that, at least, he raped Hillary in the election, and as a pure metaphor that sort of works — recall how he loomed and ranged balefully behind her back during the candidates’ debates like some cartoon thug out of a Batman movie.As stated previously this is no more absurd than some of the “Gospel Truth” that I was brought up to believe.If you think that you know where God lives -more power to you!!!

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Men mostly in charge of the FBI are currently busy demonstrating that they can completely botch the wished-for Trump-ending investigation of Russian “meddling and collusion” — whatever that is as a legal matter — under special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

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