Argon radioactive dating

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This work explains these erroneous ages by « excess » argon (radiogenic and/or primeval) in volcanic rocks under study.

This excess argon greatly alters the calculated age and puts into question the validity of the method.

To give an example of the complexity of this problem, this paper presents a study of the most popular dating method, potassium/argon.

Experiments and measurements need to be accurate, explainable and reproducible.

Figure 1 shows the complex intellectual process using previous knowledge and experiments to arrive at a conclusion or hypothesis.

The experimental method can solve scientific questions and problems by using instruments, measurement procedures, and data treatment.

The results, taking into account previous knowledge and discussion with other specialists, help to give an interpretation or build a theory.

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As an illustration, the next paragraph will focus on the very popular potassium/argon method (K40/Ar40).