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Anglicans dating online

The second (the majority 'Low Church') is like the belief of most Protestants.It is fundamentally a Protestant church because the Bible is the source of authority, not the Pope.

Other Anglicans think that Holy Communion is about remembering the life of Jesus Christ and his death on the Cross. It is similar to the belief of Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy.As a result, King Henry split from the Roman Catholic Church and started the Church of England.The English Parliament, through the Act of Supremacy, declared King Henry VIII to be the "Supreme Head of the Church of England" in order to fulfill the "English desire to be independent from continental Europe religiously and politically." This act stated that the king, not the pope was the head of the Church of England.They did this to try to get as many citizens as they could to worship in the official church.When Henry VIII wanted to divorce from Catherine of Aragon, the Pope refused to divorce him.

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This is because, in the English Reformation, the English Church kept the early Catholic ministry of bishops, priests, and deacons, and most of the doctrine and liturgy.