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Able dating rus

"Our wedding meal was the first kosher food we ever ate," recalled Sarah years later.Dana and Sarah moved to the San Francisco Bay area.Much to their families' chagrin, Sarah and Dana postponed their wedding for two days.On Tuesday, the 11th of Av, the rabbi they had found married them in a traditional ceremony.Quickly they drove to the rabbi's house and knocked on his door.

By the summer of 1970, they had two children, and Sarah was nine months pregnant with their third. " Sarah sprinted into the backyard, grabbed one child in each arm, and dashed back into the kitchen.One day, their conversation drifted to their childhoods. "I lived at 554 North Sixth Street." Sarah turned white. Dana was one of the three boys she had seen moving into her house.Dana told her that he had grown up in the small town of Upland. "I grew up there, too, until I was twelve years old. On the morning of her wedding day, Sarah woke up frantic. Sarah phoned Dana and told him, "We can't get married today.Appalled, Sarah jumped onto her bicycle and cycled for half an hour until she reached her old house. A moving truck was parked in front of her house, and a strange family with three sons was moving in. Finally, wretched, she got back onto her bike and pedaled away. Instead of heeding the heavenly voice to focus on the light emanating from the Golden City, Sarah responded to the siren call of the "beautiful people." By the time she graduated high school, the sixties were in full swing. When Dana laughed, his mother upbraided him, "Don't laugh.Beautiful people abounded: hippies with their free-flowing clothes and soulful folksongs, meditators with their religion of universality and love, and native Americans with their exotic culture and bond to nature. You're also a Jew." Sarah and Dana discovered that they were astonishingly compatible.

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The redwood fence was smashed like so many toothpicks. The Foxes' oldest daughter suffered from recurrent earaches.

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