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8 mintue dating

But those type of things are (hopefully) few and far between, and I would hope that it would be understood (and if you couldn't, not sure I'd want the relationship anyways).

Being a couple or just dating -Firefighter is right- its a mole hill - this early in the relationship-I agree.

If he asks you to "hang out" again, be calm; but firm and say something along the lines of...

Gee (his name) I'd love to make plans to do that with you; but I'm concerned that you might decide last minute to cancel on me like you did the last time.

There is no reason to "wait by the phone" that's what voice mail is for. Thanks for the advice here, but what do I do about him?

Still answer the phone and be nice, but don't make the plans with him..forget about him completely, don't pic up the phone and move on?

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I suggest you tell him politely that you had made plans based on being with him and resent the last minute change, that if he can't make a reliable plan you will make your own plans and he can call and if you happen to be free you will join him. Never make someone a priority in your life when they see you only as an option.

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